About our Clinic

Khozrevanidze’s Clinic is a  multifield medical center serving both children and adults. It is equipped with 40 beds in comfortable wards, ultramodern apparatuses and operational units. The Clinic maintains quality control in compliance with the up-to-date indicators.


History of our Clinic

Khozrevanidze’s Clinic was founded in 2015 mainly for Otolaryngology. It was the first clinic in Georgia which introduced the modern, so called cold plasma method (coblation technology) in Otolaryngology surgery.


Mission and values

Quality – Our Clinic provides the high standard medical services, in line with the recommendations of the international health organizations, European and American guidelines and protocols.

Professionalism, responsibility, adherence and maximum selflessness to job – just these are the principles  of our team’s members activity.


Introduction of the modern methods

Our Clinic permanently develops introducing the modern methods of treatment and diagnostics. Our physicians participate in the international conferences, they also undergo the training courses in the leading clinics of the world.

Patients’ safety

The process of identification of patients and laboratory tests, protocol of safe surgery, procedure of supervision over drug circulation and use


Our main value includes patients and the clinic personnel. Our Clinic is oriented to satisfaction of patients, so all our specialists express special responsiveness to patients seeking to the high  standards of professionalism.

Comfortable environment

Creation of the comfortable, family-like atmosphere, single rooms, modern functional beds, TV and wireless internet are very important for calmness and satisfaction of our patients.

Fully ventilated space, air and pressure validation in the sterile spaces, fire system integrated in the automated management systems of the building.

We create quality medicine in the region!