Gynecology sector in  Khozrevanidze’s Clinic provides the following out-patient and hospital services:

  • laparoscopic, laparotomic, vaginal gynecological surgeries;
  • diagnostics and treatment of inflammatory and non-inflammatory gynecological diseases;
  • diagnostics and treatment of the uterine neck pathologies;
  • aesthetic gynecology – aesthetic gynecology assists women in solving the puerperal, posttraumatic, congenital health or aesthetic problems.


In the Clinic available:

Gynecological laparoscopy – with ultramodern laparoscope 4K:

  • diagnostic laparoscopy;
  • laparoscopic sterilization;
  • total and subtotal hysterectomy with/without the appendices;
  • laparoscopic myoectomy;
  • unilateral or bilateral laparoscopic salpingoophorectomy;
  • laparoscopic salpingectomy and removal of the products of fertilization (pregnancy in fallopian tube);
  • laparoscopic salpingectomy;
  • laparoscopic promontofixation;
  • removal of ovarian cysts and paraovarian cysts by laparosciopic approach;
  • removal of lymph nodes of small pelvis in case of neoplasms of uterine neck or body;
  • treatment of infertility, removal of commissures by laparoscopic method (cynechiolysis);
  • cauterization of ovaries by laparoscopic method;
  • chromopertubation by laparoscopic method.