After New Year


No matter how healthy  we eat, our New Year’s dinner meals always include the different kinds of delicious and calorie-rich dishes. That is why, we should release the excessive calories.  

Drink plenty of water

Drink warm water (8-10 glasses  a day). It will help you to reduce your appetite. It also improves metabolism and burns fat. You can put a slice of orange or a lemon therein.

Also, eat healthy food

 High-protein diet, for example eggs, give priority to low-fat fish, veal, turkey ( boiled or steamed).

High-Fiber foods are essential

Eat more vegetables ( broccoli, zucchini, cauliflower, lettuce ,cucumber, tomato etc.) They contain living fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Eat  fruits instead of sweets

Replace the sweets with fruits: avocado, green apple, tangerine, orange, kiwi etc.

Physical activities

Exercises. Regular and moderate exercises are very beneficial: fast walking, jogging, running, riding  bicycle etc. helps us to feel happier, think better, control the weight. You should not have carbonated beverages, packed juice, sweets, farinaceous food, fatty food!


Gastroenterologist/ Dietologist   - Miranda Gabaidze