Manana Ekizashvili

Laboratory Conveyor

Manana Ekizashvili – Laboratory Doctor


I.Javakhishvili State University, Faculty of Biology, major – Genetics

2004 – Batumi Medical Ecological Institute, Laboratory Doctor

1990 – State Medical Academy, hematoilogical, clinical and cytological methods

1991 – Laboratory Doctor of  1st category

1993 – Batumi Republican Blood Transfusion Station, training in determination of blood group and Rhesus

1995 – Batumi Dermatovenerologic Dispensary, training in Wassermann reaction

1997 – Georgian State Medical Academy, training in hematological, common clinical and cytological tests

2002 - Batumi Regional Center of Infectious Pathologies, AIDS and Tuberculosis, cheap express test of AIDS

2002-2003 – Genetic Ecology Center, Clinical Biochemistry and up-to-date laboratory diagnostics

2003 – Georgian State Medical Academy, modern aspects of research of nitrogen oxide

2005 - Georgian State Medical Academy, basic matter of laboratory diagnostics of leucosis, basic matters of modern hemostasiology

2006 -  Georgian State Medical Academy, laboratory diagnostics of urogenital tract diseases

2007 – Tbilisi State University, Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education, algorithm of torch-infection diagnostics

2009 – Batumi National Center of Control of Diseases and Public Health. Methodology of testing of voluntary consultation of standard surgical procedures of the system of epidemic monitoring, HIV, AIDS

2002 – obtained State Certificate in Laboratory Medicine 1D64#000364 issued by the Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Protection of Georgia


1981-1988 – Batumi Republican Physiotherapeutic Hospital, Laboratory  Doctor

1988-1989 – Batumi Hospital N 2, Laboratory Doctor

1989-1990 – Republican Center of Diagnostics and rehabilitation Medicine, Laboratory Doctor

1995-2011 -  Children’s Multifield Clinical Hospital, Head of Laboratory

From 2011 to date – Center of Mother’s and Child’s Health, Laboratory Doctor

From 2015 to date – Khozrevanidze’s Clinic, Laboratory Doctor